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Outlining The Top 10 OSHA Common Job Sites Violations For Construction

The purpose for which OSHA standards are put in place is for the promotion of safer working practices both for employees and the companies that they work. Failure to comply with the laid down guidelines result in violations that are costly. Certain OSHA violations are common in the construction industry and this article sets to spell them out.

A common violation of OSHA in construction is the fall protection. Scaffolds, residential constructions, portable ladders and guard rails are places where these violations occur mostly. Since this violation is the one that happens the most, the penalties charged for offenders are the highest.

Another OSHA violation that is frequently cited is the hazard communication. It is a safety guideline that every worker that is exposed to hazardous chemicals need to have labels. As well the right training must be given to them regarding how to responsibly handle the chemicals.

Scaffolding is an OSHA violation that is common in construction sites. At times the scaffolds are used as ladders which is wrong. The resultant effect of this is the workers end up being injured seriously. According to safety regulations the scaffolds must have the correct structure, used in the right conditions and under supervision.

Respiratory protection is OSHA violation in construction that is cited frequently. This safety requirement is put in place to offer protection to workers against smokes, harmful dusts, fogs, sprays among others. Health problems will result for a person that is exposed to those conditions.

The improper use of ladders is a common cited OSHA violation. The accidents that result in this case happen because the wrong ladder is used and is not inspected for parts that could be missing.

Machine guarding are considered an area where OSHA violations take place frequently. The reason why accidents happen in this case is lack of proper guarding of the machines as the website states.

A safety guidelines that have been violated in the construction is the powered industrial trucks. It is the responsibility of employers to ensure that people who are operating the fork lifts or lift trucks are properly trained and competent.

Wiring and electrical methods in the construction is an area commonly cited for OSHA violations. The safety guidelines require that wires must not be in a place that is hazardous.

Lockout or tagout are areas where OSHA violations have been reported on a frequent basis. Injuries to workers who are servicing and maintaining machines if the hazardous energy is not controlled properly.

An area of OSHA in construction that has seen high incidences of violations is the electrical and general requirements. When there is installation of electrical equipment in contravention of the factory instructions, accidents do happen in this instance as the page suggests.