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Breaking Up – Guide to Dealing with the Pain

It is hard to cope up with a break up, when a relationship ends, your hopes and dreams for that relationship will die with it and it is not an easy thing to handle. When they finally part ways, it is common for people to get stuck with that sad feeling. But if you did not put importance to the relationship, you will not feel too bad. The emotional residue will be there but it will never be the same compared to the people who gave such importance to their relationship, even putting their life on the line. You should know that these emotions will swallow you up whole if you keep on burdening yourself with the sadness, sorrow and anger will be always there, you need to cope up. If you want to move on quickly, you have to handle those emotions first because if you don’t, you will keep on remembering the sorrow.

Always talk to someone and let out the sadness.
The temptation to stay at home and just star at the corner while in bed is such a seductive offer. If you close the curtains and lock the door, you are shutting the world away and that will make you even more pain since you are able to think about it all the time. You need to talk to someone, let out all the pain and anger, shutting yourself out from the world is not the thing to do. People will tend to hide from the human race once their heart has been shattered. You just can’t face other people right now and you are terrified of the thought that you might see your ex with someone else.

Sadness can drive someone insane and being a hermit crab, it will give a higher chance of going insane. You need someone who will listen, let out the anger and the sorrow, talk to someone who will listen and will sympathize. You will need your friends and family the most during these struggling times. Your family and friends will give you a shoulder to cry on, they will support you if they love you, right? It will be easier to move on if you keep talking about your feelings and how painful it is.

When a relationship ends, saying goodbye is hard but it is important that you accept it.

It is important to let go, it may sound painful because it is but it is the right thing to do, if you keep holding on to what has passed and still push yourself to believe that you and your partner will come back together, it will only drag you down deeper and deeper.

make sure to follow this guide if you want to be able to move on easier.