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Camping Tips For Every Festival Goer

With summer being here and it being the festival season, there is little one can think about doing other than attending festivals. Anybody who has ever camped at a festival can attest to the fact that it is as much an ordeal as it is fun. You should however know that there are a number of things you can do so as to ensure that all you have is fun when camping during these festivals. This article seeks to give you a number of camping hacks so as to ensure that you have nothing but fun when camping during these festivals.

Firstly, you should ensure that you buy a tent that is not only light but also very easy to assemble. A light tent is good because you may at times be forced to walk for a long distance with your tent from the car park to the place where you should pitch your tent. The reason why you ought to have an easy to assemble tent is so you can have enough time to relax after your arrival before the start of the festival.

Secondly, you should carry something that will help you identify your tent such as a balloon or a flag. This is because there are usually very many people camping and you can easily confuse another tent for yours. Festivals are there for people to have fun and it is therefore drinking is very common and the only thing that enables people to find their way is their mounted flags or balloons.

A lot of festival goers make their own lanterns from bottles of water and headlamps. A headlamp is important because it will allow you to remain outside even at night. If you enjoy making new friends, you should have your own lantern since you will be able to continue getting to know people without being afraid of it getting too dark.

Another important camping hack is to always have a portable charger with you. This is very important because your phone’s battery cannot last you throughout the festival without requiring a recharge. Though there are charging points available at the camping grounds, you may not get a chance to use them because of the high number of people waiting in line. With a portable charger, you can recharge your phone from the comfort of your tent here.

Every festival goer understands the need for coolers when one is out camping. Nobody appreciates warm drinks and leaving your drinks out exposed in the summer heat will make them just that. If you do not want this, ensure that a cooler with ice packs is one of the first things you pack when going camping. You should also ensure that you have with you a safe place to store your valuables because theft cases are very common during these festivals.