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Tips for the Use of the Crest Whitening Strips

Crest teeth whitening strips are products that are basically for brightening colored teeth. However, there are a bit of caution steps which one needs to bear in mind as they go about the use of the crest whitening strips in order to avoid any unnecessary risks. We are having a brief discussion into some of the tips to enable you use crest whitening strips.

You will first and foremost need to factor the fact that the crest whitening strips will only work on the teeth of natural formation. This thus means that for defects with the dental formulation like the caps, dentures, fillings and crowns will not be as effectively dealt with by the use of the crest whitening strips. The strips are also for recommended ages. The tooth pulp of the young children is still generally sensitive and as such when you decide to use the whitening strips on them, you will cause them to suffer an irritation as a result of the tenderness of the pulp.

Yu will as well need t bear in mind the fact that the bleaching effect of the products for whitening of teeth will be very effective on the yellow stains. As such stains on your teeth caused by antibiotics such as tetracycline will not be effectively removed with crest whitening strips. If you wish to whiten teeth colored by antibiotics, you may as such do well with a dentist doing your whitening and follow on with the bleaching afterwards. On top of this is the fact that crest whitening strips will only work on the front of your teeth. These strips are basically not formulated to work o the back of the teeth. If you attempt using them o these particular areas and parts of the teeth you may end up seeing them fall off as they will become loose.

Check for the expiry date of the crest whitening strips. Never ever attempt a use of the strips which have gone past their expiry dates. The effectiveness of the strips whose dates are past expiry will generally be low and some may even be of non-effect at all. For this reason, it will be advisable for you to be of a particular attention to the expiry dates of the strips at the time of purchase and ensure that the strips you are purchasing will be lasting in effectiveness for the entire period of time upon which you will be using them. Another precautionary step is to ensure that the use of the crest whitening strips is not coupled with the use of braces. This is for the simple reason that braces will cover certain parts of the teeth and as such these covered parts will not be reached by the gel on the crest whitening strips.