Five more style-sharpening tips for younger men

How you look and how you feel are two of the most important factors of being a young man ready to make his way in the world. Your image, the way you carry yourself and even the way you speak can all have an impact, so getting it right is vital.

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Body language is a natural reaction to certain situations and environments and reflects how a person is feeling; however, things such as eye contact and smiling will help to ease any shyness or apprehension. If you are happy with the clothes you are wearing, your hair and overall presentation, you have nothing to worry about.

Dress for the occasion

Young men starting out in the world of work may have been living a student lifestyle and therefore look and dress as such. If you want to be taken seriously, you need to demonstrate a level of maturity and look the part. Trainers, jogging pants and faded T-shirts are not appropriate unless you are relaxing at home.

Taking care of your clothes

In this day and age, young men should be perfectly capable of using a washing machine and an iron, so there is no excuse for clothes not looking good. Always take time to hang items up when they are not being worn, as this will keep the shape, stop any creasing and keep them clean.

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Buy a suit

A well-fitted, good-quality suit is a great investment and can be worn time and time again for many occasions. Along with a selection of sophisticated ties and quality Farah shirts from stockists such as, your suit will provide great value for money.


Male grooming has seen a boom over the past few years, with taking care of your hair, your skin and nails giving the impression that you are a man who cares about detail and appearance. Developing a good morning routine will set you up for the day.

Have a clear out

Once you have decided on your look, be assertive and have a clear out. Ripped jeans, graphic T-shirts and faded, out of shape sweatshirts can all go, leaving you with space for your new wardrobe. Don’t be sentimental when undertaking this task, as it can prove very therapeutic and give you a real sense of a new beginning.