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What we need to know about benefits and safety of E-cigarettes

E-cigarettes are also known as nicotine delivery systems. It is a battery operated device that is used to inhale aerosol which has nicotine,flavourings and other chemicals E-cigarettes have been used in the UK during the recent years as an aid to quit smoking Majority of smokers have a hard time quitting E-cigarrettes have made it easier with a high success rate for smokers who want to quit compared to other smoking aids

There is a lot of opinions on how e-cigarettes can help stop smoking . E-cigarettes are popular among teens in the UK because of the belief that it is safer than cigarettes Compared to tobacco smoking,e-cigarettes have a greater advantage. For smokers it is important to switch to e-cigarettes as it provides nicotine while avoiding health complications that are associated with tobacco The first benefit of switching to e-cigarettes is persistent cough stops Coughs occur because of buildup of mucus on the throat caused by toxins from cigarettes Good news is e-cigarettes contain no toxins

Smoking is a leading cause of avoidable deaths Using e-cigarettes is vaping and this is cheap for life insurance Research has indicated that smoking can reduce your ability to taste foods Once you start using e-cigarettes your ability to taste food is restored. In addition, carcinogen that are present in cigarettes cause lung problems restricting air flow Switching to e-cigarettes gives time for your lungs to heal because of absence of carcinogen This means proper circulation of oxygen to all the vital organs. E-cigarettes don’t produce smoke so you don’t have to feel guilty as those around you are not at risk. Purchasing e-cigarettes is less expensive compared to cigarettes which means you save more

For those who have tried other aids to stop smoking without success, it is important to try e-cigarettes If other methods worked for someone else it does not mean it will work for you,remember everyone is different. E-cigarretes don’t smell, if anything you only smell faintly the flavor in the catridge It will be a thing of the past to have smelly clothes and bad breath. You don’t need an ashtray since there is no ash that comes from combustion, there are no butts to dispose With no chance of burns on items and fingers, you do not need to worry anymore about burning items and clothing With this safer option, it is easy for smokers to quit and for those not ready they still get nicotine without the baggage that goes with cigarettes E-cigarettes has reduced the number of health issues that result from smoking. Quitting smoking by the time you turn 40 ensures you live a normal life Quiting smoking ensures your wellbeing improves With the use of e-cigarettes it is much easier to use so you have no excuse to quit smoking