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Advantages of Pursuing a Degree in Marketing

Most universities today offer different degree programs and specialisation options for students. The degree programs cover a wide gamut of topics that you can ever imagine; meaning education and learning has no end. Companies like Microsoft and Apple, regardless of the fact that they are quite popular and well known, will still spend more than a billion dollars for marketing campaigns. Simply put, marketing plays an integral role in any business and organisations today. Here is why you must be looking at pursuing your marketing degree.

Career growth is guaranteed when it comes to a marketing degree. After all, it will be pointless to spend lots of money in college and spend so many years earning a degree and then again spend many more years job hunting. The field of marketing has a guaranteed job market since marketing professionals are in very high demand. If you are like most people and are dreaming of earning a six-figure salary, look no further beyond your marketing degree.

The average annual salary of a marketing manager is $130,000. On average, a marketing professional at an entry-level position will earn an average of $58,000, again a very attractive figure compared to the same for other occupations. Having said that, you can rest assured you can pursue a rewarding marketing degree from your home or office. Unlike other degree programs that cannot be pursued online as they require hands-on practical’s and instructions, marketing can be undertaken virtually. All you need to do is to find a reputable institution that offers online marketing degrees and you are set for a new career path.

You should also go for a marketing degree because it is diverse. Marketing as a discipline is very diverse and will often work in tandem with communication, advertising and sales. Look for a good institution that offers a marketing degree, and you will be assured of getting skills not only in marketing but also in sales, advertising and communication. Just because you have a degree in marketing doesn’t mean you cannot become self-employed. A marketing major, coupled with a couple of years job experience, will make you competent enough to start yet another rewarding path of marketing consultancy. You can rest assured pursuing this degree will be worth your money and time in the long run whether or not there are so many marketing graduates in the industry today.

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