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Understanding and Treating Mentally Challenged Persons with Care

While in school one of my friends who was a classic nerd was the most popular on the campus. He was very rough while talking to fellow college mates besides his poor grooming practices and incompetence. His manner of interacting with fellow students would earn him major troubles. Later we noticed that our fellow student was suffering from Schizophrenia.
His episodes did care whether he is in a crowd or social gatherings. There are times he would walk in an event and disrupt the peace and joyous moments taking place. It is a challenge relating with mentally ailing people and at times the society tries to discriminate them. As for our friend, we would try and calm him down and show some compassion and it was how we survived. We would struggle but eventually manage to flee him from people who did not understand him

A lot of people do not understand behaviors of mentally unstable persons and they may end up hurting them to protect themselves. People with upright thoughts may have different versions of interpreting the behavior of the mentally ill patients. Knowing that it is improper to despise anyone, our college friends would defend their actions with the excuse of not being aware of the struggles our friend was going through. Expecting the upholding of humanity principles in a Christian institution, our friend was openly disdain actions that I could not apprehend.

However, our society has been in the forefront in discriminating the mentally unstable people despite of their root cause. It is a task that every individual including the church, to take charge in caring for the mentally ailing patients. We have to let go of the malicious believes in our society and support these individuals through treatment and recovery process. God heals, and we pray and believe, however, we need to let these individuals take the proper therapy required to improve their condition

At times one may wonder, if the treatment prescribed for mental illnesses is dissimilar to physical treatments, and what is the connection with Christian faith. What makes antidepressants different from chemotherapy Dividing the mind and the body may not assist us in building a conducive environment for our loved ones. The mental illness is termed as a spiritual issue which requires solutions of spiritual interventions. We however, need to be real when dealing with the patients who are
experiencing mental disorders.

It is impressing to witness the change that our brothers and sisters are embracing. In the church today, counseling and medication and CBD oil are recommended for mental illness. The total care and compassion to mentally unstable persons in our community will improve their recovery period.

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