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The Importance of Oversized Planners 2018

A great way to stay organized is to use an oversized wall calendar; thus, many schools, organizations, and even households started using it. With plenty of occasions happening within one family, everything in life can easily be in chaos without a planner. Keeping an Oversize Planner 2018 at home is indeed easy and fun to do while allowing you to be in charge of the occasions in your lives.

An Oversize Planner is a dry erase wall calendar which look like the traditional calendar – you have the blocks but you need to fill it in with months, dates, days of the week and any occasions and tasks that you need to include. A dry erase pen is required for your Oversize Planner. One member of the family can use a different color from the others as they come in different shades. Colors that really standout, like the bright ones, are great.

Decorating the planner with stickers of different style could be a fun activity for young children in the household.

Keeping the members up-to-date with the special dates and occasions is the main purpose of utilizing a planner so where you situate it is very essential. Planners can be set up anywhere in the house as they come in many different sizes and it depends on the size you pick. Every member of the family can easily access magnetic refrigerator calendars and put notes every day especially in the morning which is a great idea. A magnetic dry erase pen should be placed nearby.

The maintenance of an Oversize Planner is far from the maintenance of a traditional chalk board. The writings on the whiteboard can be wiped off just like the ones on the chalkboard, but easier (without dusts) and you are less likely to see any traces of ink. The Oversize Planners can be kept brilliantly white as really easy as doing an intensive cleaning just once a month. Simply do it by buying a cleaning product or pouring a mixture of water and vinegar in a spray bottle. The product or homemade solution, once sprayed on the planner, and rubbing with paper towel or cloth should eliminate any stains on it.

Although Oversize Planner presents a lot of benefits to households trying to be organized, no information is permanently kept. The minute a note is wiped off from the board, it is away for good. Situate the calendar where young children cannot reach it. Secure a personal planner also as backup in keeping all the information like important occasions and dates.