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The Motive Behind Joining the Ministry of Christian Renewal

Accepting Christ into your heart is actually a nice thing that makes a new path that needs to be walked alongside other believers. For any believer to remain strong, need to be filled daily with the word of God and through fellowships. It is said that birds of the same feather flock together, this is very true when it comes to a believer. For that reason the ministry of Christian renewal was formed. Water from the Rock is a name they took from a biblical stories which give the story of how the children of Israel were given water from the rock by God. Below here are some reasons why you should be motivated to join the ministry.

May be you have watched a television or listened to your radio and after the preacher as done giving the word, thy conclude by saying that you have just received Christ in your heart go to a church that believes the word of God. Here at the Ministry of Christian Renewal have a bible study ministry called Water from Rock phoenix bible study which equips the members with the word of God.Water from the Rock is a belief drawn from the book of Exodus chapter seventeen verse one to seven where Moses was to strike the rock at Mount Horeb for water. It is strongly believed that where the word lacks people can never grow spiritually. There ministry of Christian renewal through the Water from Rock phoenix bible study brings the word of God to you in simplicity.

The Ministry of Christian Renewal is also known for its reputation when it comes to raising up strong and honest leaders. The ministry offers leadership programs meant to equip leaders for all aspects of life be it for the corporate world, political sector and many others. On the other hand, the church has programs that help in nurturing different talents, for example, the music department gives the singers the opportunity to grow.

Definitely once in a while you might be faced with a challenge that needs the help of a counselor. That challenge will require you to seek guidance from an expert which the church has taken care of by having people to guide you through the process. In case you have a need just pick your phone, click their number now and you will get help.