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What You Need To Know About a Glock Trigger

The Glock pistols series is probably among the most commonly used and versatile range of pistols world over. From the sub-compact variants to the full-sized pistols, Glock has almost all things to offer in handguns. But even after all its precision and perfection, the Glock pistols still need a critical upgrade – the trigger. Having the best trigger for a Glock is advantageous and makes the already nearly perfect weapon very invincible. Below are a few considerations and benefits of upgrading the Glock trigger.

Why you should upgrade the Glock trigger

The Glock is commonly used for competitions, in law enforcement, self-defense, and EDC. However, the people who use the Glock pistols are aware of the heavy weight pull in the trigger. Upgrading Glock triggers help in reducing the pull weight from the 5.5 pounds of the factory setting to a lesser number. This aids in the best alignment and, thus, accuracy. Another critical benefit of upgrading these triggers is slack reduction. The significant pre-travel Glock pistol time makes shooting quite hard, partially in strenuous instances. A smoother trigger pull will ensure easy shooting without adjusting or moving the sights.

Lastly, a very beneficial result of upgrading triggers is a fast reset. The upgraded triggers will reset fast, which allows for speedier follow-up shots with increased accuracy. But even after an upgrade of the trigger, it is crucial to practice with the weapon for you to handle it correctly under different kinds of situations.

Ways of choosing a new Glock trigger

Various considerations must be in mind before you select a trigger for the Glock. Let us evaluate them below:


Glocks are among the most hard-wearing handguns and their triggers, as well. You must always look for the triggers with a durable build, preferably aluminum or other durable materials. Having solid triggers ensures the operations will be reliable in all instances.


The trigger that you are using in replacing the factory one should be one that must be simple to install. Most of the triggers available in the marketplace feature drop-in installations. Therefore, you can easily remove the existing triggers and install the new one.


Check whether the new trigger as all the functions that you desire before you use it. Carefully look at the over travel time, the pull weight, and the pre-travel time and then assess the figures depending on your requirements. Also, take note of the reset time of your trigger that enables you to take faster follow up shots.


It is always essential that you ascertain that you check the new trigger, whether it is compatible with the Glock model that you have. There is no point of purchasing a trigger than will not fit the weapon. For instance, h triggers that are designed for the Gen 4 Glock will not work with the Gen 5. Therefore, compatibility is an integral factor when it comes to selecting the right trigger.

Based on the above-highlighted factors and considerations, you can get the ideal lock replacement trigger of your choice. Many triggers have been chosen based on positive customer experiences, so you do not need to be overly skeptical when purchasing one.

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