Do You Have What It Takes To Work House Cleaning Jobs?

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In today’s corporate world, an increasing number of individuals are finding 9-5 work days just aren’t for them. Burnout from office jobs is one reason, but the need for a flexible work schedule is yet another. For these and other more personal reasons, housekeeping jobs are a wonderful alternative for a hard worker who would like out of the traditional rat race.


Families are bone tired these days between long hours at work and active children. With the candle burning at both ends, something has to give, and often it’s the house work. The number of people turning to a housekeeping service to help out on a monthly, bi-monthly, weekly or one-time basis is growing by leaps and bounds, and services need hard workers they can trust. When selected by a quality company, house cleaners can be compensated quite well, making it easier to leave a brick and mortar job.


Just as in an office job, a good work ethic is vital. You must not have a criminal record and you should be completely trustworthy. After all, homeowners are leaving their homes completely unattended for your work to be completed. It stands to reason, they should be able to trust you. Attention to detail always keeps the clients happy, so a good candidate for this job goes the extra mile to make the house sparkle. .


Maybe you’ve worked for a hotel/motel in the past or had a job with a janitorial firm. This would make you a natural. However, other jobs that utilize some of the same skill set include pet sitters and caretakers. Both of these show responsibility and trustworthiness. Nannies also transition nicely into housecleaning jobs.

If you’re tired of running copies, doing data entry and getting your boss yet another cup of coffee, maybe it’s time you tried something new. If you work well alone or in small teams, maid service work could be right for you. Take a look at some of the Las Vegas companies to find one near your home, reducing your drive time as well.