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Contact An Electrician For Any WIring You Need Performed In Your Home

In today’s world, it’s easy to look at a video online in order to figure out how to complete a project. The problem with these videos is they may not have all of the steps that are needed or may not tell an individual about a step to take at the very end of it.

Electrical wiring in a home can be very dangerous to the individual trying to install a new plug, fan, switch, light or any other item that’s connected to a power source. It’s important to fully understand what needs to be done before starting any type of wiring project

Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan is one of the easiest things to install when someone has the knowledge and skill to perform this type of work. Ceiling fans can save an owner energy costs by circulating air instead of using an air conditioner. Homes, workshops, garages, restaurants, and outside patios are great locations to install a ceiling fan.

Choosing A Fan

The first step in the process is to choose a fan that will move the air in the entire space and determine if an overhead light is necessary. The clearance between a very tall person and the rotating blades of the fan should be at a safe distance. Ceiling hugger fans will mount tight against a surface or they can be purchased with a stem to drop the ceiling fan to a lower level.

Tools Needed For Installation

Before getting started with a ceiling fan installation project, an individual should have a drill with Phillips head bits or a Phillips head screwdriver. They will also need wire strippers and a ladder.

Installing The Fan

The electric should be turned off to the wires an individual is working with at the fuse panel and the ceiling fan should be unpacked. The mounting plate should be installed and the ceiling motor should be attached. The wires should be connected per the manufacturer’s instructions and the fan blades should be attached last.

If you have any doubt about your abilities to install a ceiling fan or perform any type of electrical services, you should consider contacting a certified electrician to complete the project.