7 Days 7 Ways – Celebrating Valentine’s Week

The yearlong wait is soon going to be over and the couples will soon be creating memories which will be cherished year long. Each day of the Valentine week is special and is celebrated with special gifts to make it more memorable. The week starts from 7th February every year and continues till 14th February. Just to make it easier for you to remember the days and make them memorable for your love with valentine gifts, here is a mention of each day along with some interesting gift ideas:

  1. February 7, Rose Day

The red rose is a symbol of love and passion. And in order to start the Valentine week in the best manner, you can gift a beautiful bouquet of red roses to your girl to make her feel special. Also, you can make her feel on the top of the world with just one big red rose. Also, remember to send a personal message along with every gift to express your heart in the best way possible.

  1. February 8, Propose Day

Well, this is one of the best days when you can express your love to the girl you love the most. Even if you are married or in a relationship, you can express your heart out on this day to your partner with some special gifts and make it turn into an important milestone of your relationship. Try buying some personalized gifts for this day like personalized mug or cushion with a cute message on the top.

  1. February 9, Chocolate Day

Express your love with the sweetness of the chocolates and also make her feel special with some handpicked assorted range of tummy chocolates which melt in her mouth and let her fall in love with you all over again. You can order a cute box of heart shaped chocolates with some sweet message conveying you heart written on the top of the box and send these to relish her.

  1. February 10, Teddy Day

A cute teddy bear to say the cutest I LOVE YOU on your behalf can be one of the best ideas. She can cuddle with it whenever she misses you and imagine her feeling pampered by this gift. Every one of us has a kid inside which is in love with these cute little soft toys, so you can surely win her heart with this gift.

  1. February 11, Promise Day

Your one true promise that you will be there with her throughout her life, will surely be a priceless gift for her. You can make it more memorable with some cute gift along with your promise. It can be a ring or a beautiful statement neck piece which glitters to tell her how much you love her.

  1. February 12, Hug Day

Hugs are the best and the most effective ways to convey your heartfelt emotions to your lover. A hug on this special day along with some special surprises can make her go crazy and turn it into a memorable moment. You can even take her out on a candle light dinner on this day.

  1. February 13, Kiss Day

A kiss and a bit of romance is enough to make this day worth it and memorable and it can be cherished lifelong. Try to make it more romantic by helping her out with the day-to-day activities.