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3 Ways to Make the Marriage Anniversary Adorable for your Partner

When you think of marriage anniversaries, does the word “adorable” pop up in your brain? If it does not, then these 3 ideas to celebrate marriage anniversary celebrations will make you rethink the whole concept of “adorable”.

As outlandish as these ideas may sound on paper, they definite are anything but dull, boring, and mundane. So push aside those generic marriage anniversary celebration ideas and take a deep dive into something out-of-the-box, but adorable nonetheless. Sounds interesting? It should as anything is better than clichéd, right? So, lay down on your sofa, sip on a glass of pina colada, and contemplate these adorable ideas for your marriage anniversary celebration.

  • Bouquet of teddy bear shaped chocolate

Is it a teddy soft toy? Is it a flower bouquet? Is it chocolates? No, it is in fact all three in one combination. Presenting a bouquet with a handful of miniature teddy bear shaped chocolaty treats. Yes, they not only look the part, but are chocolaty and delicious as well. Don’t believe that?! Why not take a bite of those teddies. Be careful though; if you gobble them all up and leave nothing for your beloved, then we can’t be held responsible for that!

  • Two cutesy pink monkeys hugging each other

It is astonishing to realize how cute monkeys can actually be. I know that you never regarded them as “cute”, but you were wrong in thinking so. In fact, they are so adorable and fluffy that you cannot possibly help but gift this pair to your beloved. But wait, we aren’t finished yet, for their adorableness does not just end there. As a matter of fact, they are colored in the very color of innocence and delightfulness – pink. Still smitten by the adorableness of this plush pair? Get it and celebrate the most adorable marriage anniversary.

  • The classic chocolate cake with red cherry doting on top (and a bit of vanilla too)   

Classic alludes to being boring in your mind, does it not? When you will have a glimpse at this gorgeous cake, you will be blown away, and then place an order for it.  You think that is all? There’s actually more. In fact, this marriage anniversary cake is dotted with multitudes of those succulent and relishing red cherries on top, with a smidgen of vanilla. Is it delicious, yes? Is it something that will make your beloved fall in love with you once again, absolutely!


So these are 3 of the best, but don’t let that inhibit you. Make sure you check them all out. You never know, you might love them all (hopefully not as much as you will love your beloved though)!